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Good News Israel! Best Treatment is in the DNA, US Approves Israelís Portable Blood Test, and More! 
United with Israel - Michael Ordman 

Israelís 2bPrecise takes genetic data to help determine the best treatment for individuals; FDA approves Israelís HemoScreen portable blood test to sell in the US; Israel gives pediatric orthopedic training to 50 African doctors, and much more!

The right treatment is in the DNA
Israelís 2bPrecise takes sources of patient genetic data to help physicians determine the best treatment for individuals. 2bPrecise is partnering with US-based Innovation Institute and Avera Healthís GeneFolio to deliver a pharmacogenomics knowledge base to the point of care.

US approval for portable blood test
I reported previously (8th Apr) on Israelís PixCell which received a multi-million grant by the EU to help advance its HemoScreen portable blood test. The US FDA has just approved HemoScreen to sell in the USA. Meanwhile, Israelís SightDx has launched its OLO blood tester.


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