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Netanyahu Hails Israel’s Successes, Chides Media in Rosh Hashana Toast 
The Algemeiner - Benjamin Kerstein 

Netanyahu Marks the New Year: “What a Distance We’ve Covered”; Media Critics “Bitter”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailed Israel’s success and attacked his critics in the media at a ceremony marking the eve of the Jewish new year.

According to Israel’s Channel Two, at a meeting of his Likud party, Netanyahu raised the traditional glass to the upcoming new year and told the attendees, “The Central Bureau of Statistics reported that it checked and asked the citizens of Israel if they are satisfied: 89% said they are satisfied or very satisfied to live in Israel, it is good for them to live in Israel.”

“This is an enormous number,” Netanyahu added, and then struck out at what he described as a hostile media establishment.

“This should have headlined the news,” he said, “but did you see it on the television channels? Did you see it among the bitter analysts? Of course not, because this is true and sweet information.”

Netanyahu also used the occasion to recognize what he described as Israel’s extraordinary rise over the 70 years of its existence.

“What a distance we’ve covered,” he stated. “We are ranked as a superpower. We have returned to ourselves, first and foremost our ability to defend ourselves by ourselves. We have returned our honor and our control over our fate.”

Earlier the same day, Netanyahu appeared at a glass-raising ceremony attended by heads of the security services.

“I believe in the IDF,” he told the assembled, “and in our abilities to stand up very successfully to all challenges to Israel’s security.”

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