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The Happy Palestinians 
Arutz Sheva - Barry Shaw 

The Palestinian Arabsí real conditions are an eye opener.

The survey brought below dates back to 2015 - and the Palestinian condition has improved since then, despite the propaganda lies to the contrary. You will find it amazing.

Happiness - Palestinians are 3rd happiest in all Arab countries, and 30th globally.

Water Resources - Despite claims to the contrary, Palestinian per capita use of natural, fresh water is 140 cubic meters per annum against Israel's 150 cubic meters per annum. Almost the same.
Education - Palestinians were 63.5% satisfied as opposed to 50% average among Arab states. Netherlands 60.3%, Sweden 61.6%, Japan54.5%.

Literacy - Literacy rate of Palestinians aged 15+ was 96.5%
Infant Mortality - Palestinian infant mortality stood at 13 per 1000 live births compared with 27 per 1000 in Arab states, and 36.58% global average.

Life Expectancy - Palestinian age 76, Arab states 71, Global average 70.

Poverty - West Bank 18%. Israel 21%.

Open the link to discover more facts about the Palestinian condition in other areas such as housing, communal facilities, hotels, restaurants, etc.

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