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Injured IDF officer after being shot: ‘My soldiers are here, I’m not going’ 
World Israel News 

The IDF officer who was shot on the border with Gaza initially refused to be evacuated because he did not want to leave his soldiers, Ynet reported.

The IDF officer who was moderately wounded Wednesday evening from Palestinian sniper fire on the border with Gaza asked his doctors when he could go back to Gaza to be with his soldiers, his father said, according to Ynet.

“‘When am I going back to Gaza?'” the soldier asked. “I told him he’s not going back, and he said his soldiers were alone. He opened his eyes and squeezed my hand tight,” his father said.

The 21-year-old officer from Dimona recounted the incident to his father. “He said the children were rioting by the border fence, and then he felt a strong blow,” the father said.

Nonetheless, the officer did not want to be evacuated, his father continued. “A helicopter came within minutes. He said he was fine because he wanted to stay with his soldiers.”

The officer’s mother elaborated further. “He was shouting and didn’t want to be evacuated. He said: ‘My soldiers are here, I’m not going,'” she said. “His friends said he wanted to stay with his soldiers because there was a whole mess there.”

Both parents said their son was not just worried about his soldiers, but also about them. He called his father after he was wounded, telling him: “Dad, I love you. I was hit with a bullet to the stomach.”

“He told me, ‘Dad, be strong, don’t cry,'” the father added.


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