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US Embassy Moves Twitter Account from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem 
AP and United with Israel Staff 

The US embassy in Israel renamed its Twitter account from “@usembassyta” to “@usembassyjlm.”

The US Embassy in Israel has changed its Twitter handle to reflect the move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem next week.

The embassy wrote on Twitter Thursday that the @usembassyta account had been changed. The account handle is now @usembassyjlm.

The embassy has yet to change its account’s backdrop from the Tel Aviv coastline to Jerusalem, saying it is “still looking for a suitable header photo.”

The Trump administration is fulfilling a campaign promise to move the embassy to Jerusalem, after recognizing the city as Israel’s capital.

The embassy is slated to officially open on May 14, just days after Israel celebrates the 51st anniversary of the Six Day War and the reunification of Israel’s capital. The ceremony will also mark the 70th anniversary of Israel’s independence on the Gregorian calendar.

A 250-person American delegation, including 40 leaders and politicians, will arrive in Israel to attend the US’ dedication of its new embassy in Jerusalem.

The United States currently operates its Jerusalem consulate in Arnona. The new embassy will operate out of that space temporarily, and is expected to complete construction of additional office space at the compound to meet its needs. Israel announced previously that it had expedited the construction permits necessary for the embassy to open in time for the event

A brand-new embassy complex will be constructed in the coming years.

The US embassy move from Tel Aviv represents the culmination of Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and paves the way for other countries who intend to move their embassies to Israel’s capital.

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