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How serious is Sharon?   
Israel Needs to Free Itself from the Gaza Strip, Sharon Says   
Former Palestinian Premier Abbas Hints Arafat Failed Him   
Disengagement Plan to Be Brought to Likud Members' Vote   
U.S. Envoys on Their Way to Mideast to Discuss Gaza Withdrawal   
Why Israel Struck    
Mofaz: "We will attack by land, air and sea"   
Hamas Planned To Assassinate MK David Levy    
Palestinian Terrorists Planned Assassination of Israeli Ambassadors   
U.S. Envoys Meeting with Top Israeli, Palestinian Officials
IDF Arrests 12 Fugitives Preparing Attacks from Bethlehem Hospital   
Etched in Stone? Text: President Ford's Letter to Prime Minister    
A Fatah Assassination Plot: Israeli Diplomats    
US reiterates objection to targeting Arafat   
US envoys: PA must halt terror   
Sharon blames Arafat for murder of Jews   
No Hard Questions For Sharon In Major Newspaper Interviews    
Palestinian Authority TV Says "Jews Deserve Death"    
I am not afraid of Sharon's threats, says Arafat   
Netanyahu's Poll Shows Sharon Will Lose Retreat Vote   
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