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Israeli Cancer Researchers Discover Enzyme in Malignant Cells  Jewish Press 
Trump to Netanyahu: “We Took Jerusalem Off the Table” - Foreign Policy   
Jawbone Fossil Found in Israeli Cave Resets Clock for Modern Human Evolution  The Times of Israel - Amanda Borschel-Dan 
Remembering the 35 Israeli Heroes – The Lamed Hey   Natan Nestel 
John Kerry Throws In With Islamist Radicals, Tells Palestinians to #ResistTrump  Conservative Review - Jordan Schachtel 
Trump fed up with funding Palestinians, threatens to shut down mission in Washington  World Israel News Staff 
Arab Enrollment at Israeli Universities up 79%  TheTower 
Trump: Palestinians must talk peace to receive aid, ‘money is on the table’  AP and World Israel News Staff 
WATCH: Pence Thrills Knesset with Fiery, Biblical, Pro-Israel Speech   U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv 
Pence's Biblical Knesset Address Affirms America's Christian Connection to Israel   
Pence at Knesset: US Embassy Will Move to Jerusalem in 2019  World Israel News - Aryeh Savir 
DISGRACE: Arab Lawmakers Disrupt Pence Speech at Knesset  RT 
Groundbreaking Israeli Stem Cell Treatment Saves Patients’ Limbs   
Bibi Coming Home With $500 Million Indian Military Deal Restored  The Jewish Press - David Israel 
Palestinian Aid: ‘International Obligation’ Or ‘Fraud’ On The World?  United With Israel - Batya Jerenberg 
Abbas Believes His Own Lies about Jews  Times of Israel - David Horovitz 
Abbas Tears Off the Mask  Israel Behind The News - Melanie Phillips 
Someone Tore Down the Mezuzah of UCLA’s Jewish Student President. Read Her Powerful Response  Tablet Magazine - Yair Rosenberg 
“Golda Meir, on the Palestinians”  Israel Behind The News - Golda Meir 
India says $500 million missile deal with Israel will move ahead  WIN - Margot Dudkevitch 
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