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Israel is Claiming Victory in the 50-Day War With Hamas  Israel National News 
A Soldier’s Account from Gaza: Hamas Used Human Shields  idfnadesk 
It wasn’t a war — it wasn’t Even a Battle  abuYehuda - Vic Rosenthal 
Israel artillery pounds Syrian position after officer injured on Golan  DEBKAfile 
Rocket of Syrian M302 class injured 71 people in Ashkelon   DEBKAfile 
Nearly all Palestinians favor Gaza rockets against Israel  DEBKAfile 
Another Truce Agreed To.  CNN 
An Ashdod Synagogue Was Hit By a Rocket Friday Afternoon, Injuring Three People Lightly  JTA 
Israel's Destruction Remains Ultimate Goal  IPT News 
The Stealth Takeover: They're Gaining on Us  Janet Levy 
Israel Has a New 24 Hour Internet News Channel  Nathan Shuster 
4-Year-Old Israeli Boy Killed in Gaza Mortar Strike, Netanyahu Vows Hamas Will ‘Pay Heavy Price’ for Attack  Algemeiner 
Alert Father Saves 30 Kindergarten Children During Rocket Attacks, Sustains Injuries  THE ALGEMEINER - David Bender 
The President's True Colors Finally Revealed  IPT - Steven Emerson 
War Leaves Hamas Battered as Israel Gives Diplomacy a Chance  IPT News - Yaakov Lappin 
Dock Workers Afraid to Unload ZIM Vessel in Face of pro-Gaza Protesters  Jewish Press - Hana Levi Julian 
Journalists Threatened by Hamas  Honest Reporting - The Times of Israel 
Victor Davis Hanson: Cyprus Occupation Reveals Gaza Hypocrisy  Victor Davis Hanson 
Washington said limiting arms transfers to Israel as ties fray   
Hamas Admits Deporting Foreign Journalists Who Filmed Rocket Launches  IPT News 
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