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Sderot hit by six Palestinian Qassam missiles: Palestinian missile crewmen themselves hit by Israeli warplanes Tuesday evening after their missile barrage left five Israeli civilians injured, damaged several homes in southern Israeli town of Sderot. All three Palestinian missile men killed

Bush through his spokesman criticized Israel’s failed attempt Tuesday to assassinate Palestinian Hamas leader Abdel Aziz Rantisi, concerned strike will undermine Palestinian authorities’ efforts to end terror attacks.

Rantisi escaped targeted Israeli air attack with light injuries. Two passers-by, mother and child killed, twenty-five injured.

Abu Mazen denounced attempt as terrorist attack. From his hospital bed, Rantisi swore Hamas would destroy all the Jews until not a single one is left on Palestinian soil. If the Jews seek security, let them go back where they came from.

London investment banker Sharif Ali bin Hussein, cousin of Iraq’s last king, returned home from 45 years in exile. As 1,500 Iraqi tribal sheiks and monarchists shouted “Long live the king!” the ex-prince declared: “We will rebuild this country.”

DEBKAfile: Washington is apparently testing Sharif Ali’s acceptance by Iraqis after finding other opposition leaders like Chalabi unequal to leadership role.

DEBKAfile Reveals in Exclusive Syrian Report: - Opposition leaders arrested ahead of June 21-22 municipal elections to stem defections from ruling Baath.

- Assad plans major government shakeup. To be sacked: PM Miro, defense and foreign ministers Mustafa Tlas and Farouk Shara. Dr. Buthaina Shaban candidate for foreign minister

- Firas Tlas son of Mustafa revealed as organizer of Saddam-Assad clandestine smuggling operations and holder of WMD’s secret locations after their clandestine removal from Baghdad, Tikrit and al Qaim.

More details in DEBKAfile Special Report and Analysis below

Israel completes removal of 10 out of 15 Jewish outposts on West Bank by Tuesday morning, leaving four inhabited locations for last.


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