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At end of meeting with Sharon in Jerusalem, Berlusconi, who becomes EU rotating president on July 1, sees Israel as future member of European Union.

He promises to intercede in Beirut next month on behalf of Israeli MIAs and prisoners. Italian prime minister decided to forego meeting Abu Mazen after Palestinian PM demanded Arafat be present

IDF tractors begin to evacuate 15 Jewish outposts and village annexes in West Bank in line with Aqaba accords.

Four inhabited locations to be evacuated are Nofei Nehemia, Yitzhar Lookout, Havat Gilead and Shavei Shomron West. Settlers dispute removals but promise no hand will be raised against Israeli troops.

Name released of soldier killed in pursuit of Palestinian terrorists in Hebron casbah: Master Sgt. Matan Gadri, 21, from Moledet. He was fifth Israeli soldier to die in Palestinian terrorist attacks Sunday

US soldier killed at al Qaim checkpoint on Syrian border. Assailants pulled up in car asking for help for ill person. Two jumped out shot American – one killed in return fire and one escaped. In Falluja, US troops under fire from mosque for second day

French military helicopters lift hundreds of Europeans and Americans out of Liberian capital of Monrovia which besieged by rebels. Fleeing Westerners taken to French ship off Liberian

Hamas rejects Abu Mazen plea for dialogue with all Palestinian factions voiced at news conference in Ramallah earlier Monday as well as call to end terror attacks. Abbas promised not to yield on right of return for 1948 Palestinian refugees, removal of all post-1967 Jewish settlements, or release of all 10,000 Palestinian prisoners.

Egyptian intelligence chief Suleiman sent over for one more attempt to sort out inter-Palestinian squabbles stalling counter-terror effort.

DEBKAfile’s Palestinian sources report Abbas and Dahlan lack troops for confrontation with Arafat and Fatah-Tanzim, al Aqsa Brigades and Hamas terrorist groups. Dahlan informs Hamas they need not fear.

Appointment of neutral Col. Al Rikh from Jenin as chief of West Bank preventive security further antagonizes Tanzim which eyed job. Anyway, West Bank preventive security forces too fragmented and strife-ridden to challenge terror groups. Former chief Jibril Rajoub acts to deny Dahlan foothold in West Bank security

Italian prime minister Berlusconi meets Sharon Monday during Mideast tour taking him also to Jordan and Egypt ahead of assuming EU presidency. Abu Mazen refused to see Italian PM because he left Arafat off his schedule.

DEBKA-Net-Weekly Exclusive: Dahlan gains approval for plan to buy up to 25,000 Fatah and al Aqsa Brigades terrorists for conversion into a border police force controlling Palestinian-Israeli-Jordan frontiers.

Israeli defense chiefs led by Mofaz intensely opposed to scheme.

Read more below about plan and counter-arguments with help of DEBKAfile Special Map

Pro-Western Mauritania president Maaouiya Ould Taya announces failure of coup against his rule. After he cracked down on pro-Saddam Hussein politicians and Islami extremists, unnamed rebels fought with tanks to briefly take over presidential palace two days before being evicted by loyal troops. It one point, Israeli embassy was threatened.

Mauritania is one of three Arab League nations with diplomatic relations with Israel

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