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Five Weeks Since Road Map Declared, and PA Still Ignoring Requirements  
Palestinian Arabs Violated Every Aspect Of Oslo Accords;

No Reason To Expect They Will Adhere To "Road Map" Plan

NEW YORK- Just as the Palestinian Arabs violated every aspect of the 1993 Oslo accords, there is every reason to expect that they will continue violating every aspect of the Bush administration's "Road Map" plan, the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) points out.

The ZOA notes that five weeks have now passed since the Bush administration adopted the Road Map, and yet the Palestinian Authority has not fulfilled any of the plan's requirements:

* Palestinian Arab terrorist attacks are still taking place daily. In the first five weeks of the Road Map, there were 142 attacks, in which 17 people were murdered and 168 wounded.
* No terrorists have been arrested or prosecuted by the PA.
* No terrorists' weapons have been confiscated by the PA.
* No terrorist training camps have been shut down by the PA.
* No terrorist groups have been outlawed by the PA.
* The PA has not changed the names of any streets or schools that were named after terrorists.
* The PA is continuing its policy of providing monetary payments to imprisoned terrorists and terrorists' families are continuing.
* Anti-Jewish and anti-American incitement continues every day in the PA-controlled media, schools, summer camps, speeches, and religious sermons.

Former Clinton administration officials, including Mideast envoy Dennis Ross, have publicly acknowledged that the 1993 Oslo accord failed because the U.S. deliberately ignored the PA's constant violations of the agreement.

ZOA National President Morton A. Klein said: "Throughout the Oslo process, the Palestinian Arabs violated every one of their obligations, and the U.S. ignored and whitewashed those violations. Now the Palestinian Arabs are violating the Road Map obligations, and the U.S. is again silent."

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