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DEBKA - HEADLINES June 8, 2003 

Interim report: Eight Israeli casualties when three Palestinian gunmen opened fire on Israeli military position in Erez industrial zone at Gaza Strip-Israeli crossing early Sunday. Palestinians also injured. Three terrorists shot dead in shootout with troops. They approached position in heavy early morning mist as 10,000 Palestinians passed through on their way to jobs in Israel. More details awaited.

Israeli defense minister restores closure of West Bank Saturday night to meet rising level of terror threats against Israeli civilian and military targets. Hamas, Jihad Islami and Fatah-Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades declare suicide attacks will continue. Threats have proliferated since closure eased last week to mark Aqaba summit.

Two days after two Jerusalem couple murdered by terrorists, Jerusalem is again braced for suicide attacks. From Saturday afternoon, Israeli police closed Ramallah-Jerusalem road to vehicles at Kalandia roadblock following fresh Palestinian suicide bomb threats.

Another American soldier killed near Tikrit, four injured, in rocket-propelled grenade, small arms attack Saturday.

At least 6 international peacemakers killed near Kabul, including three Germans, 38 injured, in apparent sucide attack that blew their military bus off the road early Saturday

Abu Mazen goes to Gaza Saturday to save stalled Aqaba accord. Fatah and Jihad Islami join Hamas in denouncing his statement at Aqaba summit as sell-out of Palestinian fundamental principles. Al Aqsa Brigades warns detention attempts will ignite civil war. All three determine to continue armed violence against Israel.

Police find clues at scene of crime leading to terrorists who murdered David Shembik and Moran Menahem. Their bodies discovered Thursday in wood behind Jerusalem’s Hadassah-Ein Karem hospital. Both bore savage knife and axe wounds.

DEBKAfile’s exclusive sources reveal Abu Mazen-Dahlen promise to Americans and Israelis in Aqaba to make south Jerusalem and Bethlehem first off-limits zone to Palestinian terror. Slayings in South Jerusalem seen as Palestinian terrorists’ provocation to prove worthlessness of Aqaba summit and Abu Mazen’s promises.

At his Likud party convention Sunday. Sharon faces heated opposition to government’s acceptance of Palestinian state, continued concessions to Palestinians and removal of Jewish outposts amid continuing terrorism

Defense ministry officials this week begin talks with West Bank Jewish leaders for voluntary evacuation of a dozen unpopulated outposts.


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