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No Spin Reality 
By Deanna (Amar) Pool 
Although Israel's PR is not the best, it cannot be faulted for the rabid anti-semitism of Europe and the Arab world. Proof of it is the USA which are subjected to the same Euro-Arab propaganda and still are pro-Israel.

The roots of anti-semitism now are the same as they have always been i.e., envy, pettiness, profound dissatisfaction with one's life.

Europe 's hands are tied because of its enormous Moslem/Arab/African populations that are a drain on its social, hence financial institutions. Europe's indigenous population is aging, while the birth rate of its immigrants is enormous. France is accepting 40,000 Algerians A MONTH as a good will gesture towards Algeria, after Chirac's official visit this summer.

Europe has no choice but to appease these legal and illegal immigrants.

As for the Arab world, with 40% of its population under the age of fourteen, its foreign currency reserves almost depleted because of graft, corruption and abuse by its leaders, how convenient it is to point the finger at Israel.

No PR from Israel can turn the tide until and unless Europe and the Arab world have the courage to look at themselves and assume their responsibilities to solve their own internal problems.

Israel itself must set the tone by speaking to the world with one voice. The Geneva Convention was a tragedy as it showed a divided leadership with divided agendas.

How do we help Israel?

By being educated Jews, by teaching our own children our history, by supporting Israel in every way we know of.

We must work from the inside out. Only when we Jews stand proud and tall does the world take notice and admire us and respect us. When was Israel the darling of the world? When its bravery defied every convention; at the Six-day war when it brought the war to Egypt itself and at Entebbe when it ignored the sovereignty of Uganda and liberated the Jewish hostages.

How the Sephardic are helping? Although our voice is small, we have established our claims for reparations before the European Parliament and the Human Rights Commission. We are matching the demands of the Palestinians iota per iota. We have laid claim to a 50 billion dollar fund Europe wants to establish for the Palestinians. As for the much maligned Shas party which is made up of Moroccans and Oriental Jews its message of a Jewish state extending from the Mediterranean Sea to the Euphrates is gaining approval.

Above all, I am convinced that Israel will triumph and we are witnessing the end of an era and the beginning of another with Israel and the USA as its luminaries.

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