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Terrorists Pay Up After IDF Court Forces Them to Compensate Victims 

An IDF court ordered terrorists to pay their intended victims, whose lawyers got the criminals to cough up more than NIS 30,000.

By: United with Israel Staff

Two and a half years after a group of terrorists attacked two Israelis traveling in a car with an explosive charge thrown at their vehicle, the victims finally received justice.

Not only did the three terrorists receive prison sentences for their crime, the court ordered them to compensate their victims by paying them over NIS 30,000, around $8,000, reported Arutz 7.

The victims of the attack, two women from Otniel who were driving on a highway near Hebron, fled the scene of the attack in a hail of shrapnel from an explosive the terrorists detonated as their car passed by.

According to statements released by the Honenu legal aid society, which represented the victims, the terrorists actually transferred the compensation to the victims as part of a plea deal reached several months ago that also included a jail term for the terrorists.

Among the charges the terrorists faced were attempted murder, complicity in bomb manufacturing, and complicity in carrying, possessing, and manufacturing weapons.

“We see value in the fact that terrorists are forced to actually pay money to those they injured,” said Haim Bleicher, an attorney for the victims who was quoted by Arutz 7.

“In addition to being imprisoned for their actions, their money will be used for the welfare of the victims they wished to slaughter only because they were Jews,” he added.

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