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Questioning Israelís right to exist Ďunacceptable,í Austrian chancellor warns Iranís Rouhani 
World Israel News Staff 

The Austrian chancellor told Iranís visiting president on Wednesday that the European nation is unconditionally committed to Israelís security.

At a meeting in Vienna at which Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was given an opportunity to try to resuscitate the 2015 nuclear deal, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz chided Rouhani over the Iranian Republicís belligerent stance on Israel.

Specifically, Kurz announced at a joint press conference with Rouhani that he considers it ďabsolutely unacceptableĒ to question Israelís right to exist or to demand the destruction of the Jewish state, reported Times of Israel.

The meeting and press conference was held against the backdrop of Tehranís central role in various conflicts in the Middle East. By funding and arming terror organizations such as Lebanonís Hezbollah and Yemenís Houthis, in addition to the Hamas terror group in the Gaza Strip, Iran wages proxy wars in a number of nations in the region.

Iran has also established a significant presence in Syria, fortifying the regime of brutal dictator Bashar Al-Assad and also attempting to amass military assets close to Israelís borders.

In addition, to addressing Iranís position on Israel, Kurz also spoke out against Holocaust denial, a recurring them for political and religious leaders in the Islamic Republic.

ďIn my meeting with President Rouhani I emphasized that Israelís security is non-negotiable for us. Questioning Israelís right to exist or downplaying the Holocaust is absolutely unacceptable,Ē Kurz tweeted soon after the meeting.

Rouhaniís Austrian visit was largely overshadowed by the arrest of an Iranian diplomat related to an alleged bomb plot targeting anti-regime activists in Paris.

With regard to that development, Austrian officials announced the legal immunity of Vienna-based diplomat Assadollah Assadi would be revoked. Assadi was detained Sunday on a European arrest warrant after powerful explosives were found in Belgium in a vehicle owned by a couple with Iranian roots.

Assadi was accused by Belgian authorities of being involved in the plot to target a Paris rally, after which the Iranian ambassador to Austria was summoned to the foreign ministry.

While Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif dismissed the plot as a ďfalse flag ploy,Ē Iranís involvement in terror operations around the globe are the basis on which the US designates it as one of the worldís leading state sponsors of terror.

As Iranís economy and currency approach a potentially irreparable crisis, Iranian protesters have taken to the streets to demand an end to unchecked military spending and the regimeís vast terror-financing operations.

Iranian exiles have also taken up the protestersí banner, demanding regime change from abroad in cities such as Paris.

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