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Tzevet Yagel Gadsar Nachal: An IDF Special Forces unit needs your help! 

We are Tzevet (team) Yagel of the Gadsar, a Special Forces unit of the IDF’s Nachal Brigade.

At this time, we are going through advanced stages of training in areas of counter-terrorism and reconnaissance. Due to the intensive nature of exercises and the increasingly operational activity of our unit, we are currently in need of better quality combat boots to help us carry out our tasks in the safest and most effective manner possible.

Unfortunately, the army has been lacking in necessary supplies in this period of heightened stress and stretched resources, and we need your help. We have begun an effort to raise funds to help outfit our unit properly and ask your financial support in this endeavor. Our goal of $11,000 will be enough to purchase 34 pairs of boots for our whole team.

Secure donations can be made online at the website below:
Please click here to donate

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