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No wires: The power is in the mat 
Israel's channel (You Tube) 

Millions already use Israeli startup Powermat's wireless charging system. Soon it will be embedded in airport and office furniture, the Chevy Volt and kitchen appliances.

Just five years after going into business, the small Israeli company Powermat ( is revolutionizing the way people charge their cell phones and other handheld devices.

The user simply places the device on a small charge pad -- no cord, no plug ---- and after the required charge is achieved, Powermat shuts down.

Shoppers have already snatched up more than five million Powermats after Homedics distributed the units to more than 30,000 US retailers. Now, to make wireless charging as widely available as wi-fi, the company is working with major makers of airport seating and office furniture to embed Powermats in their products.

General Motors has invested $5 million to build in Powermat chargers between the seats of its hybrid electric Chevy Volt. The device may also one day wirelessly power the vehicle itself.

Look for Powermat receivers in home appliances as well, as tangle-free charging becomes the watchword of the future.

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