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"Silent Exodus"  
Pierre Rehoven 

This film is published to this channel by uploading under the Fair Use provision of US Copyright law. The intention is to take this critical film and the historical facts underlying its narrative to bring rational debate to the intractable war in the Middle East for the sake of those who live there, and for the sake of the world to the extent that where these disputes must be resolved quite simply because we need to use these funds for aid to citizens of the globe who need fresh water supplies, investments towards self-sufficiency, deployment of education resources, and so forth. We don't need more technology in warfare, the funds are used to replenish supplies. The funds just for the ammunition resupplies could bring water to every human on earth, with money left over for many other worthy projects. We need the peace dividend denied by post-Cold War belligerence.

Pierre Rehoven has done much for propagation of the truth.

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