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Israel's Trophy, Active Protection System 
Rafael Advanced Defense Systems 
The ASPRO-A (Trophy) active protection system system rapidly detects and tracks any anti-tank threat, classifies it, estimates the optimal intercept point in space and finally neutralizes it away from the platform using a countermeasure.

The threat detection and warning subsystem consists of several sensors, including search radar with four flat-panel antennas, located around the protected vehicle, to provide full hemispherical coverage. The neutralization process will take place only if the threat is about to hit the platform.

System's Features
Neutralization of all known Anti-Tank-Rockets (ATRs), Anti-Tank-Missiles (ATGMs)
Full performance on AFV in motion
Full performance against short range threats
Full performance in close and urban terrain
Full performance under all weather conditions
Engagement of several threats from each direction, arriving simultaneously
Reduced vehicle weight
Easy integration on to light as well as heavy platforms

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